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Stroke, pinched nerve, virus or Iam-Wobbly Disease?!

Posted by floppymonkeyofdoom



About 3 weeks ago I attended a funcion where I drank alcohol for the 1st time in about 3 months. Unfortunately I mixed my drinks somewhat and ended the evening vomitting; something I haven't done through alcohol for years and years. I remember being suprised at the time.

Following the inevitable hangover, I felt very fragile - unsurprisingly. Skip forward a few days and I had a really significant aching sensation down my left hand side; I couldn't move my fingers properly, had a brief fever, couldn't use my left leg properly and felt very hot in my right leg, also the top of my back felt very achey. I took 4 days off work because of this. I didn't see a doctor but phoned a few; basically the conclusion seems to be; possible pinched nerve or a virus. I got better gradually every day so I just thought it was a viral thing that time would heal. I dismissed the possibility that it could have been a stroke as one health worker suggested to me (just didn't seem conistent with the symptoms a family member who has had stroke has suffered) But now....

I have severe itching in my left arm at times - irritatingly when trying to get to sleep at night, but can move my fingers again. Left leg seems much better and temp in right leg seems diminished, but I also have bulging veins in both hands, (most significantly in the left). Also at times, there is avery slight numbness to my left hand.


Are these symptoms consitent with a pinched nerve and could I have damaged myself from the vomitting like that? And any advice about what to do next? I'm booking an appt with a new doctor next week but would like as many opinions as to what it could be as possible.

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