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Strength Training: Beautiful Glutes, Thighs and Calves!

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:23pm

To build a balanced physique, your strength training efforts need to focus on both the frontal and the rear physique. So far, we have examined exercises for the entire frontal physique. Now, we will be completing the rear physique with exercises targeting the glutes , the rear thighs and the calves. We left off our discussion with the triceps .

In Know Your Muscles , I explained the whole concept of understanding your anatomy so that you are able to build full-body strength training routines that target every important muscle group. The result is a beautiful, sculpted physique and a fat-burning engine (even at rest)! So, let's go.

Exercises that target the gluteus medius include:

  1. Seated machine abduction, and

  2. Cable single-leg abduction
Those targeting the gluteus maximus include:

  1. Barbell and dumbbell squats
  2. 45-degree leg press and horizontal leg press
  3. Cable single-leg kickbacks, and
  4. Butt blaster machine
Building your rear thighs (hamstrings) should involve exercises such as the following:

  1. Prone machine leg curls and seated leg curls
  2. Single-leg machine curls
  3. Dumbbell prone leg curls
  4. Stiff-leg deadlifts , and

  5. Goodmornings
Now, to complete the rear body, let's look at the calves. For the gastrocnemius muscle do any of the following exercises:

  1. Standing machine and standing dumbbell calf raises
  2. Standing bodyweight and standing single-leg calf raises, and

  3. Leg press machine calf raises
Finishing off the calves with these exercises that target the soleus muscle:

  1. Seated machine calf raises, and

  2. Seated barbell calf raises
That's it. We are done with your body. You've now got a plethora of exercises to choose from to target your entire body, yielding a fat-burning engine and resulting in a gorgeous, lean physique. Again, if you want any of these exercises explained to you in more detail, just comment to this post.

Some of our future strength-training posts will involve building some great routines for you to show you just how easy it can be!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Healthy. Fit. Living Fully. for life

Sandy Huard , President, Women's Health Supply International
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