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stomach pain

Posted by smiler59

im 53 years old and have a several health issues ongoing since may this year.firstly i was admitted to hospital after two weeks of different meds fro severe stomach pains and was told i had a blockage and pancreatitis.was giving senna and lactose was home next day.thought that was to get better.still very sore.four weeks later i had a tia .was admitted again but still tummy very sore.also had endoscopy and ct scan with contrast.came back saying gland in stomach quite large but no medication giving.just review in january,but im still very sore.anything i eat and have to take painkillers all the time.not sure if i should go back to my doctor or wait till next week to see if it gets any better.
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In my opinion immediately you must to go to doctor.And do not take tension too much.Ralax more.


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