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Stiff neck, headache and other

Posted by Venessa

Hi, im a 26year old female. I have been struggling with a very stiff neck, since last Monday (17 may). Last monday I had the stiff neck and stiff back, as if it was "inside" and not in the muscle, however i had a very weird pain thru my shoulders and arm, with a bad headache. The pain has gone away, but did re-appear last sunday. Through-out this 2 weeks my nech didnt get any better, and on this monday i woke up with a very bad throbbing headache, I drank Panado's in the morning and afternoon, but it still didnt go away. Over the last 2 weeks my stomach are very unstable, it runs in the morning, but is constipated in the evenings.
Do you maybe have some advice?
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