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Started out as a fever, progressed to a sore throat which hasnt gone away and a corrugated tongue

Posted by concernedmi

My girlfriend had a fever at new year (hot and cold) - this progressed to cold like symptoms and white spots on her tonsils which all went away apart from a sore throat that would not go away. It has now been 4 weeks. She has seen numerous doctors but she is abroad for Christmas and we are both dubious about the standard of health care there. We are worried if she is fit enough to fly back yet.

The sore throat feels like a swelling in the back of her throat making it very uncomfortable to swallow. At times it is painful. She also has a very strange corrugated tongue at both sides with a white covering. She does not have a cough. The doctors first thought it was a bacterial infection and tried azithromycin which made her feel weak, nauseus and no appetite. It cleared up the white spots on her tonsils, and the redness at the back of her throat that I could see. But the swollen tongue/throat was still there and still painful. More recently she went to hospital, they took her blood and xrayed her and said she did not have an infection but an allergy, so put her on an anti-histamine (and more azithromycin). After a number of days, the symptoms are a bit smaller, but they are not going away. Occasionally she has pain in her chest but at the very top, almost at the front of the collar bone. 

Does anybody have any ideas? Help really appreciated, I want her back!

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