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Spray on Tan vs. Tanning Beds

Posted by C.L. R.

Okay, by now we all know that a tanning bad is not good for anyone. Tanning bads have a concentrated form of UV rays that could increase the risk of skin cancer and I cringe to think of the "base tans" that we all thought were okay pre-sunny vacation. Whooops. Nod to the 80's/90's. Now in the 2000's, the spray tan is all the rage. One of my friends pointed out that although I think it's perfectly fine, I am spraying chemicals all over my body. And there aren't any studies (that I know of) that show the potential side effects of a spray tan. Does anyone have any information?
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I Say, Buck the Trend. I doubt there will be any hard information on spray-on or self-tanning products, because studies like that cost money and the industry doesn't want you to freak out and stop using their products. Chemicals probably aren't the best thing to be spraying all over your body. Self-tanner is not necessarily the healthiest thing to rub all over your skin. But will there be hard proof? Maybe, maybe not. Tanning, by the way, is said to be good in moderation by some natural health people who believe that vitamin D is more important and that sunscreen itself has dangerous chemicals! What to do? Perhaps the best thing to do is to just be happy with the color skin God gave you.
Try bronzer?. Bare Minerals and similar mineral makeup companies carry bronzing products, so maybe you can try that instead. This type of makeup seems healthier than the norm.

spray tanning is not dangerous for your skin!!!  It does not penetrate through your skin.  It is only topical.  We own a place called quickglow in Morristown, NJ.  Check out our web-site.

P.S.   We read this informative article on and thought you might find it of interest.  Here's the link:

Tanning beds are definitely out, but you also have to be very careful with spray tanning and self tanning. The industry says that it is safe to use those products because DHA which is the chemical that actually turns your skin brown has been tested and shown to be safe. However what they do not tell you is that any fake tanning product can have up to 40 different chemicals in it.

DHA might have been proven to be safe, but only 11% of ALL our cosmetic ingredients have been tested and approved by INDEPENDENT BODIES. Cosmetic companies can basically include anything they want and most of them look after their pocket much better than they look after their customers.

You can read more about it here.

Great article. Good to learn the difference between spray tanning and bed tanning. Self tanning is one of the best and safest ways to get tan. Aiming to have a golden skin during summer is one of my goals but personally I am afraid to run for tanning salon because of health warnings of skin cancer risks from tanning beds. Thank you for emphasizing tips to seek as a self tanner in order to have a bronze skin which wouldn't take much of my .
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