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Southern California Fires: Smoke-Filled Air

Posted by Stephanie B.

If you live in Southern California you know what I'm talking about: The entire region has been blanketed by smoke. Even if you don't live near the fires, the smoke is likely to affect you.

Because of the poor air quality, it is a good idea to stay indoors and not do any heavy exercise outside right now. This is a shame because the weather is very warm for October. But take it easy.

Even at my yoga class last night in West Los Angeles, people were coughing and you could feel a noticeable reduction in the quality of breathing and stamina.

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That's a great tip. Sometimes it takes awhile to notice when something is finally getting to you, and when you do find out, it's kind of too late while you're hacking your lungs out. The air definitely was pretty bad when I went down... thanks for the great reminder. (If I lived down there, I think I'd still be out running.. oops)
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