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sore throat, cough, and chest tightness?

Posted by moondance83

I woke up with chest tightness sore throat and cough a few days ago. My dr wont see me since i have an appointment on 13 th, but im really uncomfortable at this point. I do smoke and i do have panick attacks, but take no meds for the panic attacks. I figured the tightness in chest MAY be due to panic attacks, but now (today) its almost a constant bother. Also was not sure if this is all smoking related (pack a day- trying to quit for some rime now so please dont get on my case for it) or the other possibilities: firsts days of running air conditioner or unknown allergiea? I do also suffer from sinus infections which only started in january of this yr, but i have had many already. Any thoughts on what this could be? As i said, i cant see my doc til 13 th... help!
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