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Sonographers And Specializations

Posted Jan 10 2010 3:33am

Sonography can be used for getting the images of the different parts of the body. Therefore, accordingly there are the different types of sonographers. The specialized sonographers have the advantage that, as they specialize in just one region of the body they have good basic knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of that region. Therefore, they can take good images, which prove to be more useful to the doctors for analyzing the problem. The diplomas offered for sonographers and specializations in the same field cover a very vast curriculum that has been developed based upon very special standards.

Diagnostic sonographers, obstetric and gynecologic sonographers, abdominal sonographers, neurosonographers, ophthalmologic sonographers, are the specializations in which the sonographers are trained specially. Moreover, there are other specializations as the vascular and the echocardiography sonographers. Students can have plenty of options as sonographers and specializations offered in this field are very elaborate as well.

The obstetric and gynecologic sonographers are concerned with the producing of the images of the reproductive organs of the females. This is the most common type of sonography. This was invented for taking the images and tracking the growth of the fetus.

The abdominal sonography is used for the inspection of the problems with the abdominal region. These problems may include the problems with the bile ducts, kidneys, liver pancreas, and spleen. In addition to these sometimes, they also take the images of the heart. However, this is the job of the echocardiograhers.

The neurosonographers take the images of the nervous system. These images are useful for diagnosing the disorders regarding the neurological, and the nervous system especially in the babies. They can also take the images for diagnosing the problems with the blood vessels. For the neurological sonography, though, the technique is the same as the other sonography techniques; here the sound waves with higher frequency are used. In addition, the shape of the beam of the waves is also different.

The ophthalmologic sonographer is another sonographer specialization. He takes the images of the ophthalmic region. They are used for the measurement of the size of the eyes and the other problems with it. The size of the eyes is useful during the insertion of lenses, and other eye surgeries. The other problems, which they diagnose, are the tumors, the problems the veins and capillaries supplying the blood, retinal problems, and the ones of surrounding tissues of the eyes.

The ophthalmologic sonography consists of use of different types of machines, which are specially designed for being used on the eyes. Though the frequency of the waves emitted by these machines is, high they can harm your eyes and therefore these machines are different from the common machines used in sonography.

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