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Sonographer’s Role In Kidney Stones

Posted Jan 31 2010 7:48am

Kidney stones pose a serious threat to the normal function capacity of our body. However, the external symptoms start appearing only when they have grown considerably in size. Therefore, they should be detected with the different medical procedures in the early stages itself. Here, the Sonographer’s role in kidney stones detection can prove to be vital.

However, the detection or the analysis of the problem begins after the patient starts to feel some pain in the abdomen. The common methods, which are used, for the detection of the kidney stones are the radiography techniques. However, the sonography is a better option as it uses the sound waves for graphing the kidney. These sound waves are that damaging to the body as the radiations.

Sonographer’s role in kidney stones involves the detection of the kidney stones. By the use of the sonographic instrument, they diagnose the patient and develop their sonographic images or the ultrasound scans. These scans can detect the tumors even in the earlier stages. They are able to detect the smaller sized tumors also. However, they can detect only the tumors in the kidneys. They cannot show the stones in the Ureters. The stones can also occur in the Ureters. However, the sonographers can predict the presence of the stones in the Ureters as this causes the dilation of the kidney.

The Sonographer’s role in kidney stones analysis also involves a thorough analysis of all the reports.

The advantage of the use of sonography in kidney stone detection is that it is an efficient technique and therefore it provides the information about the stones. The images obtained by the sonography can show the size structure and the exact location of the stones. It does not produce any side effects on the body.

Due to these features, the Sonographer’s role in kidney stone removal surgery is also important. During the surgery, the sonographers and the sonographic equipments guide the surgeons during the surgery.

Moreover, as the sonography is a safe and cheap technique the people can do the sonographic scans for the kidney regularly. Because of this the kidneys stones can be detected in the formation stage itself. As there are several methods available for their dilation, we can even prevent them from growing.

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