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Sometimes my new life stinks...

Posted Apr 02 2012 11:04am
For the last few weeks I have been experiencing some pretty terrible headaches; not the kind that you can relieve by rubbing your temples or taking Tylenol, but headaches that radiate from the back of my head. It seems as though I have tried several things to relieve them: taking naps, lying down on heating pads, taking Tylenol, turning the lights of, etc. but nothing seems to help. Now, I don't have them all the time, only a few days a week and I can tell that they are more from muscle tightness than anything else. I have been instructed to go the ER if they flare up again, because of my past history of headaches before my stroke, but most likely it is due to the muscles that were cut in the back of my head for the Craniotomy. I would say that most days I do not struggle with headaches at all; but, the days I do have headaches they are a doozy. I don't have blurred vision with them or sensitivity to light or sound; it just hurts. As I look back over the past 3+ years I realize that these headaches have become relatively common (not every day or every week but at least several times a month). It is all part of this new existence...and it stinks.

Okay...I am done griping because I do feel pretty good for a dead guy; I just get frustrated every now and then. Sorry. I sometimes have to remind myself of the phrase that I use when I sign copies of my book: Life is a gift. I do appreciate the gift and I apologize for griping a little.
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