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Sometimes I forget who I am ...

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:00pm
Sometimes I forget who I am and I think that I should be able to get A,B,C done on a normal Saturday when Spring coolness is in the air. So I grab some garden tools and venture to clear some pine needles from our pool area (which is not very aesthetic because I don't have the energy, talent or desire to do that type of stuff).

I don't know how long I actually spent outside but it felt like an eternity to me and I worked to the point of my muscles shaking like little leaves. I made sure to get on my inversion table to stretch out my lower back and that helped. But I don't have stamina like I used to.

I get the mail today and finally receive something that I have been waiting for for awhile. It's all wrong and I have to return it. Well, what should have been an easy task (prepping it to mail) turned into a more difficult task trying to pull all the pieces together. Also with the mail came a MetLife envelope (I never like to see those, that's long-term disability) and they want all my medical records from January 2008 to present. Well my goodness ... that's a task in and of itself and I will have to coordinate that.

I get overwhelmed easily ... and sometimes it's easy for me to forget that life cannot move for me at the old pace. I have to slow stuff the heck down and take my time if I want to do things right.

Balance has been a little bit of an issue lately ... tipping over a little bit which is kind of funny. Not funny when in an elevator of people at a VA Hospital but funny most other places. Oh well. Onward ho. Get through a day at a time and try to have fun and not feel too old too soon. Keeping a young spirit is critical for me. If that goes ... I will probably go along with it. Always young.

Go Red Sox!
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