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Something feels swollen (internally) under my right rib cage. Liver of gall problem?

Posted by Rocky

Two weeks ago I felt what I thought was a strain under my right rib cage.  Dismissed it as I had done outside work on the lawn the previous day.  Now, it feels like an internal swelling in this area.  No pain, no fever, no nausea... it just feels there is an internal type of swelling though I can't feel anything from pressing on the outside of this area. 
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I feel like I have the same problem.   I've had this for many years, and for the most part

it rarely occurs.  Sometimes, like right now, I can sleep at night because it feels like something is inflamed.  At first I thought it was my liver.  I've seen a few doctors about this,  but they never seem very concerned.  Any luck finding out more?

I am currently attempting research in this very area. I, too, have these same symptoms. It feels as if my liver could bust through my rib cage. This discomfort is causing me to loose sleep at night. I wish there was a light at the end of this uncomfortable tunnel.
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