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Some good news finally arrives

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm
Just Chillin, like my cat scylla,(Hebah tormented cat ;)

 Sorry I haven't been on much, it has been a very busy few days.
Firstly I have been accepted for a very part time job, hopefully starting in a few weeks. Very exciting time as this is something I have wanted to do for soooo long and its a mix of two subjects/occupation's I have studied towards consistently for many years.:)

Secondly I was busy up at the Hospital last week, running around getting off more samples also and organising my house. When I have had an infection, the first thing I do is discard of any containers or catheters etc which I used before. Then I bleach everything and I mean everything in the bathroom and toilet. When I left Hospital my temperature is still higher than normal and tachycardic 110-130. Funny that the junior house surgeon forgot to mention in my discharge note that my temp/pulse hasn't come down in spite of 5 days of Gentimycin. Also since they took the catheter out, the pain has worsened again as my bladder fills (backache, tummy ache, pain on insertion of catheter and kidney spasms..
I did have the under control, I don't think the infection has truly gone, but I'm not letting it get to me.
I have a future to think of. Hopefully it will be resolved by the time work starts in a few weeks, if not I will manage. Pretty good at hiding pain and the distraction will be worth it :)

Thirdly I hung out with my mates including my mate who is having her surgery next week, it had been delayed due to the public health system, she was reassured it was slow growing and wouldn't do much more damage by waiting...However the psychological side of waiting this long is unfair and cruel on my dear friend.

Finally I will have the ultrasound next week on my Carotids. I'm sure they will be fine and the Docs are just crossing their T's and dotting their i's :)

School Holidays have started and Im hanging out with my Kiddies at home, I'm feeling quite peaceful and rested right now, watching movies with my girl. Sphere: Related Content
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