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Some Good Foods are Bad for Fat Loss

Posted Feb 19 2009 8:24am

Like many of you, I have become more aware of the effects of food on my body. I know that eating fast food like fries and burgers are not the healthiest choices and that fresh fruits and veggies are better for me than chips and cookies. I've made the switch from white bread, pasta, and rice to whole grains which is a bonus for my digestive tract. And I choose grass fed and free range meats whenever possible. All of these are nutritious choices that I'm sure will help me feel better and stay healthy for years to come.

But what I had not considered until recently was the effect that these very nutritious choices have had on my weightloss efforts. It seemed reasonable that leaving behind deep fried and sugary snacks would help me shed some pounds, but I never thought that eating whole grains and fruit could sabotage my ability to finally get rid of the extra fat I've accumulated over the years.

If you don't need to lose any fat then this probably won't interest you. But if you do, and you have been trying to eat right and yet still struggle to get those fat cells to budge, this new video from Dr. Heidi might just be the thing you needed to move forward. In case you don't know Dr. Heidi, she is a Harvard grad who teaches Nutrition to graduate level university students in Berkeley, the creator of the Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula , and designer of the Pops (whole food multi vitamins).

HealthNutWannabe is looking for easy ways to eat the right things and understanding when to eat them.
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