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Some cross jewelry is very small and subtle

Posted Sep 03 2010 4:10am

The Christian faith has many symbols, but the most common of these is, of course, the cross. While there are thousands of unique versions of this symbol, a way to make this demonstration of faith truly unique and personal is to have it specially engraved with a name, a special verse, or dates. Through engraving and other techniques, there are several beautiful and interesting ways to incorporate a person's name into a cross design.

Some cross  Tiffany jewellery is very small and subtle, and may be worn continually and comfortably. If it is to be worn all the time, it should not be plated, which is the technique used when a thin layer of gold or silver is placed over another metal. When the plating wears off, the less attractive metal underneath is exposed.

Crosses are often made in 18K, 14K, or 10K gold, which are alloys of gold with another metal added for strength. These alloys are considered real gold, meaning that the alloy is consistent through the item, and not just a coating.

Just as lovely and every bit as popular are sterling silver crosses, which can be as delicate or rugged appearing as desired.

Another metal that has become popular, especially with bikers and other outdoorsy types, is stainless steel. When polished, it is as shiny as stainless, but damages far less easily and is practically impervious to chemicals.

Different metals are often combined in one design to create accents. The different shades of gold and the distinctive leaf patterns of Black Hills Gold can be found in some of the most beautiful crosses around.

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