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So You Think You Are Too Old To Start Weight Lifting. Listen To This Audio!

Posted Sep 26 2008 2:52pm

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How old are you anyway?   30?   40?   50?   or perhaps 60?   Too old to lift weights, you say.

Sorry, but that excuse isn’t going to fly. Not when there’s women like Andora Quinby around. Ms. Quinby is living proof that weight lifting can be started at any age. This 88-year-old strength trainer began lifting weights at the young age of 78. She now holds a world record in her age group for dead lifting 100 pounds. She is the oldest female competing in the drug-free International All-Around Weightlifting Association.

Just look at her. It’s so amazing that I’ll repeat it again. She is nearly 90 years old! Be sure to listen to the audio above and just hear the enthusiasm in her voice. She has a passion for encouraging middle-aged women and older to get moving, and she sets the perfect example.

I can’t stress enough how great of a sport weight lifting is. Obviously, it is a sport that can be started by women of any age, it is a sport that increases your chances of staying healthy, and it is a sport that fights aging.

And look! She’s not big and bulky.

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