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Smoking Ban Creates Drop In Heart Attack Rates

Posted Sep 15 2009 10:22pm

It seems the smoking ban that was enforced throughout the UK a few years ago has had unexpected and very positive health effects. Of course the whole point of the ban was to try to reduce the number of smokers in the country as well as minimising the number of people suffering from passive smoking. However, new statistics reveal that the ban has also lead to a dramatic drop in the amount of people suffering from heart attacks.

The Department of Health commissioned a study which in its early stages, already shows that there has been a 10 per cent reduction of heart attacks in England the year following the introduction of the ban in July 2007.

Another group of autonomous researchers also found that there was an even bigger effect in Scotland, which enforced the ban a year earlier - with a 14 per cent reduction in heart attacks.

The study investigating the effects of the ban on the heart health of the Welsh people is still underway, but similar positive results are also expected.

Anna Gilmore of Bath University is co-ordinating the team carrying out the English research. She said,
“There is overwhelming evidence that reducing people’s exposure to cigarette smoke reduces hospital admissions due to heart attacks.”

Similar results are appearing across Europe where the ban was also introduced, with France showing a 15 pr cent reduction in the number of people being admitted to hospital for heart related illnesses and in Ireland and Italy there was an 11 per cent drop.

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