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Smell and bowel movements not up to par

Posted Nov 08 2009 10:01pm
Inefficient bowel movements

Inefficient bowel movements

I want to treat symptoms with cell salts if possible. I am basically in good health. I had multi-phasic blood work done 6 months age and it was ok. very minor flags such as sgot/ast l4 Cholesterol 209, hdl 83, ldl 116, wbc 4.7, eosinophil 10.2 blood pressure good and everything else good I have been reading about cell salts, bought 4 books and have been using them all. I still seem very tired and have have inner ear dizziness on and off all my life.

Taste and smell not up to par. I have started Nat Mur and Kali Sulph for two weeks to cleanse and see no results. Bowels do not move well. Just how slow do these work. I also have taken all of them, the complete bottles within the last month and see no results. Any answers Thanks
Hi Anita -
I am all for cell salts for certain conditions and patient types.

It seems that your eosinophils are too high. Elevated eosinophils are related, but not limited to, allergies or parasites.

Inner ear dizziness may be related to elevated eosinophils.

Ideally, you should try to locate the source of the elevated eosinophils. It may be food or environmentally related ie air, carpet, animals. It also may be due to parasites.

Bio-Allergy Plus combines vitamin C, herbs and other nutrients targeted to control allergies.

You may notice decreased inner ear dizziness with Bio-Allergy Plus.

If you think the eosinophils are elevated due to parasites, consider ParaBiotic Plus. Take as the bottle directs:

You should consider getting a stool test done. A great one is the GI Stool FX.

Bowels not moving well may be improved by removing dairy from the diet. Dairy is a common cause of constipation.
Other factors which improve constipation:

- Adequate filtered water intake between meals. Do not drink during meals as this dilutes digestive enzymes. Drink 20 minutes before or after meals and limit the amount you drink during meals.

- Taurine is excellent for improving bowel movement. It may also have a side benefit of improving your inner ear dizziness and lowering your cholesterol. Only take Taurine if you have your gall bladder. If your gall bladder has been removed, do not take Taurine. Consider taking 1 capsule of Taurine during dinner. If you do not have an easy bowel movement the following day, take 1 capsule with lunch and 1 with dinner.

- Chew your food very well. This helps your digestive system process all nutrients and move the stool through your gut. Ineffective sense of smell and taste are typically related to low zinc levels.

Should you have further questions, please do ask.
In health,
Dr Ben

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