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Slowing Down Your Metabolism

Posted Jan 18 2010 12:15am

There are many functions that affect metabolism and break down food to be used by the body. There are many agents that assist in the breaking down of food such as saliva, enzymes, and also hormones. The breaking down at its simplest terms involves the processing of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into sugars, fatty acids and amino acids. It is these substances that provide the energy that all living cells need in order to survive. The energy also replaces muscle, or can even act as a back up system if the body cannot get enough food to survive. Metabolism or the lack of metabolism can have an affect on the weight of the individual. Weight is an issue that most people are aware of if not concerned about. Especially if they fear they are overweight. There are many things that can slow down your metabolism and lead to weight gain.

There are many things that affect the speed at which your metabolism occurs. Age and sex are the two more commonly understood factors that influence metabolism. Genetics, height and weight can also affect metabolism. Muscle composition can also have an impact on the metabolism, especially as we age and muscle decreases. Eating too much food or not enough food can also change metabolic rate. Even, the health of the body can have something to do with the metabolism. Someone who lacks essential vitamins and minerals can have an inefficient metabolism. The amount of water you consume can also have an affect on your metabolism.

When you eat fewer calories than is needed to support the energy needs of the body, your metabolism will slow down in order to protect your survival.

If you are not getting enough physical activity in your daily lifestyle you will not be building new muscle tissue and will eventually have a slowed metabolism.

If you consistently eat and drink foods and beverages that are loaded with sugar your metabolism will slow.

If you fast (go without eating) for too long of a period of time your body will think there is a famine and will slow down the metabolism to compensate.

If you body composition is more fat than lean muscle mass your metabolism will be slow.

If you have very poor sleeping habits your will throw your Metabolism cycle into overdrive.

All of the above things can have an impact on your metabolism. Metabolism is the way in which our bodies process and change the foods we eat into the energy that we need to perform the functions that our body does in order to survive like breathing, thinking, growing new cells and nourishing the cells of the body. Each part of the body has a function that is dependant on energy from fuel sources (food) that we eat. When the metabolism is slowed, it has an impact on the ability of the energy to reach the body parts that it needs to in order for the body to function properly. This is why metabolism is vital to the existence of life. When the metabolism is slowed life is in jeopardy.

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