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Slow n sleepy Sunday

Posted Oct 03 2010 12:00am
Walking back to bed I felt very little sensation in my hands.  My head has been feeling quite light and disconnected in some way?!!?  I think I've totally reached saturation point where I am truly drained and shattered.  The past couple of months have been very difficult for me emotionally and this perhaps has impacted on my pain symptoms too?  Today is a total write off, as much of the weekend has been really. I try to do usual daily tasks that aren't in any strenuous, but I am so weak that its taking all the energy from me.  My breathing is a bit laboured too from taking just a few steps.

Of course, I will never assume things are ok, I am pragmatic so I find rational explanations for things like lethargy but I do go through the rejection checklist in my mind.  Often I believe that the human body is so clever that when there is a hiccup somewhere it regulates and tries to correct the balance.  Lets wait and see is my usual motto...I am noting my sore tongue, shaking and loss of sensation which usually don't equate to anything good.   My temperature is in range and I have an appetite so I am not thinking that I need to ring alarm bells just yet.

I can see a glimmer of sunshine...that's cheered me up...having to find my boots and locate all my winter items never really excites me.  My tomato plant isn't looking too jolly though now autumn is setting in and neither is my cucumber.  I think he might need picking for tea soon :-)

I think I had better just listen to my body today which basically doesn't want to do much so, that's what I will try and fact there's a DVD staring at me from lovefilm which, ordinarily, I would never make time for!  After that I have a to do list including a stock check of my medication, ordering some cello bags for my cards and doing the final bits to the baby mobile! 
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