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Skin Cancer More Common Than Cervical In Young Women

Posted Apr 09 2009 6:23pm

We are all used to hearing scary statistics about cervical cancer recently in the light of Jade Goody’s plight, but now Cancer Research have announced it is skin cancer - or Melanoma in its deadliest form - that young British women should be worried about.

The most recent research from Cancer Research UK has revealed that skin cancer is the most common cancer to affect young women in Britain.

The figures are causing significant alarm due to the fact younger people normally have stronger defence against melanoma. People over the age of 75 are the most common group susceptible to the disease.

However, professionals in the field are concerned about the rising numbers of women being diagnosed with skin cancer, with worries that it could be the start of more to come.

Only a small section of people suffering from  in the UK are women in their 20’s, however almost 33 per cent of all people with the disease are under the age of 50.

In statistics to be concerned about, Cancer Research UK expect melamona to be the fourth most common cancer for everyone, regardless of sex and age, by 2024. It is predicted incidents of the disease will rise from around 9,000 to over 15,500.

Experts in the field blame the rise of popularity of using tanning salons for the figures. “Spending time on sunbeds is just as dangerous as staying out too long in the sun,” said Caroline Cerny of Cancer Research UK.
In order to try and warn people of the hazardous side effects of being overly tanned, the charity are launching a campaign called SunSmart.  The organisation is starting a SunSmart campaign to warn Britons of the dangers of being too bronzed.

“The intensity of UV rays in some sunbeds can be more than 10 times stronger than the midday sun,” Cerny said.

Although it is yet to be acted upon, the Scottish Government have passed a law which forbids those under the age of 18 from using sun beds. As yet these laws have not been taken up by the rest of the country.

In the past concerns have been raised by the World Health Organisation about the unsafe side effects of sun beds, with a reccommendation for more regulations.

Cancers experts have stated that people could avoid the worst types of skin cancer by being safe and sensible when it came to sun exposure and tanning bed use.

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