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Sinus infection,throat tightness,chest tightness

Posted by maris

Hi.I've had sinus infections coming and going for the past 5 years.I just finished taking antibiotics but it didn' t help.woke up with a earche again.i am also experiencing tightness in my makes me feel lightheaded and most of the time there's also ear pressure present.sometimes it is hard for me to belch and doctor checked my TSH levels and they we're just a little bit elevated.he told me to come back in three months to get another test i went to another doctor who found that one of my tonsils is swollen.lately i feel this chest tightness and feel like i need to catch my breath after walking three flights of stairs.i don't know what's going on.seems to me that it doesn't matter how many pills i take nothing doctor bills are through the roof but no one can't tell me what's wrong.could the earache and throat tightness be related?
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On first read, I would consider allergies as the basis for several of your symptoms.  The general way they manifest is periodic nasal congestion, some drainage down the back of the throat, and occasional sneezing and/or coughing.  Because of the drainage, the throat can become sore and feel swollen, tonsils can also swell modestly.  In addition, the bronchi inside your lungs can be affected by the same sensitivity that is creating the nasal and throat symptoms.  Those symptoms usually manifest as tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, and periodic wheezing.  Many times, these symptoms are treated separately and, of course, don't get better because the basis to the problem is not addressed.  Treating allergies well usually includes an anti-histamine, a nasal steroid inhaler, possibly a decongestant, and/or something called Singulair.  All these meds should be dispensed through your doctor so that someone can follow your progress and make sure you don't have unwanted side effects.

An added treatment that can be extremely helpful is sinus lavage.  Most people cringe at the thought, but it really is quite helpful.

 Since I've already written a book, I'll add something else to consider.  Reflux of acid from your stomach into your throat can create similar symptoms because of injury to the throat area and into the bronchi during the hours when you are lying down/sleeping.  This can be one silent cause of several of the symptoms you are having that, unless you think about it, will go un-noticed and un-treated.

It does sound like the elevated TSH is probably unrelated but, a recheck is a good idea.

Good luck and keep in mind, this does not replace your doctor's advice.

Dr. Rima B


hi i have the same problem what you have maris,years ago i had an infection in the inner ear lobe that was due to sinus infection & now i am 17 am sufferin g from chest congestion .especially during night.Even i feel that is due to acid reflux.i always have a runny nose too.i had got a x ray regarding chest congestion but there were no i guesss that even you might have got an allergy...which is severe or it is sinus infection which is got to be blamed!

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