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Simple Ways of Maintaining Health

Posted Sep 04 2009 10:11pm
At times, we are too obsessed about our health; or we just simply ignore our health.

Either way, it's not going to help us to stay healthy and enjoy our life.

Health is a lifestyle, a process. It's not an end-product.

The key points:
  • Eat less
  • Move more (Exercise more)
  • Sleep more
Eating is a pleasure in life. But it will slowly kill us if we eat too much. Especially, when we are eating sugar.

You might think I am crazy for saying we are eating sugar.

But think about it, each time you eat a full bowl of rice (be it white, brown, red), you are actually eating a full bowl of sugar (after digesting, rice will turn to sugar: starch turns sucrose turns glucose).

What more, the fat we are consuming, plus all those preservatives and coloring agents.

We are killing ourselves by eating more.

How about to move more? Each day, we are very static.

The amount of foods we are eating, are providing us a lot of energy. But by moving less, we are not using the energy, and it will turns into fat, deposited in our body, and slowly clogging around our bodies, causing a variety of chronic diseases.

And talking about sleeping. We are having too many activities going on in our life. We forgot we are made of flesh and bones, not iron.

Our body need rest, so as our brain.

So, instead of being over-productivity, please, sleep more.

If we can live our life according to these 3 principles, we are moving towards healthy lifestyle.

The rest, are just details, and we can pick it up through the process of living healthy.

Enjoy it.
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