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Simple Advices on Taking Antibiotics

Posted Jul 17 2009 10:53pm
What are antibiotics? They are the medicines to treat infections.

Well, we all know that. What's the big deal of 'advice' on it?

Surely, the public need advice, from time to time, to remind them that antibiotic is not miracle drug that cure every disease that you got.

You got cold, flu or, sore throat, you go to a pharmacist, or doctor, insisting you need antibiotic. You think you are smart, cause you 'know' antibiotics. And when you pop them in your body, you kind of 'getting well'. And you feel smart again.

Who needs doctor anyway? You think so.

What you don't know, is that you are helping the bacteria to grow stronger. You are brewing 'superbug' in your body. Surely, that is very smart.

What's with 'superbug', anyway?

It's what 'what cannot kill you makes you stronger' really mean. When an antibiotic failed to kill all of the bacteria it targets, the surviver will become resistant to that antibiotic, and frequently, the other antibiotics in the same group as well. Then you asking for 'stronger' antibiotic, then the bacteria quickly learn it, and resistant to them all, one by one.

Because of that, medical researchers need to develop new antibiotics, from time to time, to deal with the 'resistant' issue. But, everytime they come out with new antibiotics, the bacteria will follow the pace, learning fast to adapt to it.

We have to stop this trend.

A simple fact you need to know before I give you advice on taking antibiotics:
  • Antibiotics do not kill virus.
So, do not expect they can cure your simple cold, flu or sore throat, unless they develop into real bacteria infections.

What to do then? Simple:
  1. Do not take antibiotic, unless you are very sure it will help the condition. Any good (and ethical) could tell you whether you need it or not.
  2. To make sure you really need it, not because you want it: DO NOT INSIST that you need antibiotics when you are seeing doctor. (Because doctors are human too, they might just prescribe it to you, just to get rid of arguing with you)
  3. If you are prescribed one, make sure you finish them all. DO NOT stop taking them just because you already feeling good. (You need to take them for a period of time, to make sure they really clear off all the targetted bacteria)
  4. DO NOT simply purchase antibiotics from pharmacy store, without prescription. (You don't know which antibiotic you need, and how long to take)
And of course, protect yourself from infection in the first place:
  1. Be hygenic. Wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water (you know when you need to wash your hand)
  2. There are plenty of anti-bacterial soaps available in the market. They aren't necessary. Simple soap and water are enough. Overuse of anti-bacterial soaps, is helping the bacteria grow stronger.
  3. Keep foods preparation area clean.
  4. Sleep enough. Lack of sleep will compromise your immune system, and you will get infection easier.
Be responsible! Everytime you are helping the bacteria to grow stronger, you are not only harming yourself. You are harming people around you as well.
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