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Signing Off.

Posted Feb 23 2011 7:53am

I figure that now is the time to make the announcement.

Sometime, very shortly, this blog will disappear from the Fire&EMS Blog Network. This is no reflection what so ever on the Network, on the contrary, the exposure that being part of such an esteemed group of EMS Bloggers and having access to the readership of JEMS has had a large impact on the readership of my musings!

I have been in touch with the chaps in charge of the site and have asked for my domain to come to me so that I can move the archives of 999Medic to a self hosted site, where they can be viewed by whom ever wants to. I feel it would be a shame to have over 600,000 words just disappear!

As for active blogging, I am done.

It has been a fantastic two years. Friendships have been formed, memories have been created, and I truly feel privileged to be part of such a professional group of people as those that write and read EMS Blogs.

I hope that my writing has meant something to you all (although I already know that, thanks to a number of emails and comments), but please know that you have all given me so much too.

The ending of 999Medic is different this time, to the last ‘sabbatical’. This time it is my choice, this time I feel that it is the right thing to do.

I don’t know what has changed in me over the last couple of months. Maybe I am heading for burnout…..Maybe I am already there. I guess that just goes to show that it can happen to anyone.

There has been no big single incident, but I find myself constantly thinking about what else is out there, and I imagine the bliss of being unaware of the despair that some families have to go through. I think about not seeing the things that I have seen, and not having to deal with the ‘splashed sadness’ that we are so often a part of (that term really should have a place in EMS history – Kudos again to Mr Chris Kaiser).

Where my career will take me, I have no clue at the moment. I am looking at options, and am enthused and thrilled with the academic learning that I am part of at the moment and have already looked into a PhD in three years time.

What I do know, for certain, is that I wont be a bitter front line paramedic who remains in a job that is slowly killing him as he struggles to keep up with the ever increasing physical demands put on him.

I still have so much to give. I still love healthcare and looking after people.

I always said that this blog would be a positive place to come, but it is hard to maintain that when I myself do not feel that positive about things. This is no reflection on my service at all, more the state of the public’s perception and expectation of EMS services. It has becoming draining, and it has sucked much of the enthusiasm out of me.

I really don’t think I will be back as a blogger, but I will still be on Twitter (@UKMedic999) and on Facebook. I will of course, still be reading all of my favourite blogs and commenting when I have something to add to the discussion.

I will also always be available via email – .

So that is it….

Time for Medic999 to head on home.

See you around!

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