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Shrink Your Stomach The Natural Way-Say What???

Posted Apr 28 2009 11:24am

Have you ever noticed that when you go on vacation and let loose (which for me means to eat, eat, and eat more than I ever would at home) and you are consuming large portions of food that when you get back home you still seem to eat more and it takes quite a bit to fill you up and make you feel satisfied (Wow that was a long run on sentence if there ever was one)? Recently when I was on vacation in Costa Rica I could not stop eating and I loved it (my friend even commented that she had never seen me eat so much in her life!) but when I returned home to try to settle back into my normal routine I still wanted to eat lots and lots in order to feel full. I knew that I had to get my stomach and eating habits back to a happy medium.

I found the trick to shrinking your stomach hence helping your weight loss and maintenance efforts in my new favorite book called Nature's Prescriptions. I like this idea because it is free, not too tough and really does work ( I do gripe and groan for the first couple days but then it kicks in and you will be feeling much better). The key ( drum roll please) is to stick to a regular meal plan-typically one that focuses on eating smaller meals more frequently.

Just remember that because you eat more meals doesn't mean you get more calories. You are simply dividing them more evenly throughout the day so you are less likely to get hungry and overeat. You want to avoid large meals and stuffing yourself because you will undo all your good work and increase your stomach size again. Generally, this takes me a couple days to get back in the habit of eating several small meals. I am a big supporter of the several small meals a day as it keeps your stomach at a good size and your metabolism going and revved up throughout the day.
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