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shoulder bicep rupture

Posted by sore armguy

i had Biceps Tenodesis & Subacromial Decompression about 5 weeks ago 2 days ago after grabbing a door knob i herd a popping sound followed by servere pain in the muscle area, when i looked at the bicep it was in a BALL or LUMP !! i seen the surgeon the next day , he told me that repairing the tendon again was not an option !! that shocked me.

is this true ??

he states i can fuction normally without the tendon ! my work requires strengh and full use of my arms .heavy lifting everyday.. is his view correct. please help


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Get a second opinion if you don't agree.  More importantly, go see a sports medicine specialist who isn't an orthopedic surgeon.  That way, you can get the best non-orthopedic advice.  However, if you think about, how often do you expect surgeons to turn away a moneymaking opportunity?  In other words, your surgeon makes money if s/he operates on you.  If s/he doesn't recommend an operation, then most likely, s/he is on the up & up.  


In reality, the orthopedic community is up in the air regarding how to treat & manage biceps tendon ruptures.  It's not absolutely clear that surgery is indicated for everyone, especially middle-aged & older who don't require maximal supination strength.  In younger patients who do require maximal supination strength, surgical intervention may be indicated.  Perhaps you didn't emphasize enough to the surgeon what you do for a living?  Or perhaps that's the way s/he was trained.


In any case, get a second opinion.  Good luck! 

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