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should I be concerned about a fuzzy feeling I get in the back of my left side of throat?

Posted by health

I have a feeling of having a fuzz on the left side of my throat. Sometimes it behaves as a tickle and then somethimes wehn I am eating or drinking, I have to cough... no sore throat, no irritation that I am aware of. What can it be. It began about 2 weeks ago.
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I recently had a tonsillectomy, 6 weeks post op, and I had alot of complications, where they had to remove alot of scar tissue (I am 44 year old female).  Had to have stitches, etc... Ever since I "healed" I have had this "fuzzy feeling" in the back of my throat.  I gargle every day, with listerine, with peroxyl, salt water, anything - plain warm water. I scrape my tongue - anything I can do to help alleviate bacteria.  I even rinse my mouth with peroxide - nothing seems to help!  I am beginning to wonder what is wrong with me.  I have recently been tested for allergies because it seems more apparent after I eat something that has alot of sugar in it. 

Thoughts anyone!


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