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Sharp pain in groin and pubic bone area

Posted by country living

Along with pains in my lower back and neck I just started getting a very sharp pain in the area of my pubic bone area.  In reality from the lower part of my back thru my buttocks, groin and now my new pain area.  It hurts to walk or move my legs. Any help would be so appreciated!
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Your pain describes what I am feeling as of recently. I know that groin and pubic pain comes from a hip joint. I hope you are of an age, when hip replacement is not an oddity. Your back and buttock paini are also related to it. You have to see a doctor and have an x-ray of the hip taken. So far there are no non-invasive interventions for this condition, like growing new cartilage in the joint, which is worn out. Hip and knee replacement are too lucrative sources for drs. to stimulate and seek further research on methods of implementation of new cartilage. So good luck. 

Thank you for the info!! The pubic pain is 4 days old and hurts so bad. I shuffle when I walk I am only 54 yrs old.  Would I go to my primary Dr or make an appt with an orthopedic guy?
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