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Sew simple to sign up!

Posted Jul 09 2011 12:00am
Display board at London Chest Hospital (my poster on the left!)
So National Transplant Week 2011 is coming to a close but the cause goes on!  I managed to whip up a few leaflets with the QR reader code.  Knowing I was at two hospitals this week for follow up appointments, I used the opportunity to get some posters up and sign up leaflets.  Reception areas, waiting rooms, staff rooms were all flooded with the information.  Many people were interested in the QR code as a way of quickly signing up.  There is an element of novelty and fun involved and makes the decision and process more 'seamless'.  This information was sought from talking to passers by and those showing an interest.  A little market research!  Big thanks to my mum too for helping to pin up posters as I was quite tired and breathless.

I hear that Team Glasgow had a great day yesterday with sign ups at their stand.  I love their enthusiasm and zest.  They were able to talk to passers by and clarify any misconceptions about organ donation and transplant.  It is important as advocates to do this as part of our role as this alone can be the barrier to the public actually making the transition to signing up to the Organ Donation Register! You can follow Team Glagow on Twitter here .

I'd like to mention how good it was to hear about the flash mob in Spitafields last weekend support organ donation awareness.

Also that Hope Milne and Abby Thackray have a Battlefront Team 'Sign Up, Save Lives' is their motto and cause.  They are working really hard to get their message across.  So much so that there is going to be promtion at the very popular T4 on the Beach.  Make sure you watch this space for more details or better still click here to follow the girls on twitter.

This week has been eventful and far from total respite but I am feeling good. Time is ticking and I really must wrap up my portfolio work I've been going on and on about for ages.  I love photography but when I am feeling breathless and ropey it is very difficult to capture images in the way I wish.

I just have to work with the images I have and submit the work.  Due to feeling so poorly I haven't attended class for months and working in isolation is very difficult despite the excellent support I get from my classmate M and my tutor.

The weather looks good today.  Could be a notch warmer but I can breathe with ease when resting as opposed to struggling when its too hot.

Some ongoing health concerns have led to even more sleeplessness and me biting my nails once more.  But I immediately reacted to this by doing more sewing and knitting this week and made some funky bracelets.  Keeping my fingers busy is a way that I've found to keep my fingers safe from being nibbled.  Using nail polish helps loads too but when I have hospital appointments it is essential my nails are bare for the probe to work that records my SATs and blood pressure.  This leaves them exposed to my nibbling antics if thats the mood I'm in.

The items I made are for sale at my folksy shop so do check them out.  20% of sales goes to the Thomas Cook Children's Charity.

I will leave you with a few of images of the projects I've been working on this week. Just click on the image to buy Cute bracelets

I do love this one-light and easy to wear

Elephant purse

Birdy tweet necklace

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