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Severe pelvic pain -- makes me empathic again.

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:00pm
I thought ideally (but I knew otherwise from actual knowledge) that a hysterectomy would take care of endometrial growths around the pelvic cul-de-sac, on the bowel and bladder, etc. Well, I know that since they left an ovary in for me that I was opening my life up to endometriosis again at some point in the future ... but I always hoped I would be able to ride it out.

Six years post-hysterectomy and getting ready to hit my 44th birthday this month, I am stuck in the quandary of wondering what my best options available to me are. My wish would be to see a Pelvic Pain Specialist as well as an Endometriosis Specialist, but there are not any in the area that I have been able to find. Why is it that it is so difficult to pinpoint a GYN that can handle this situation with the type of knowledge that is necessary? The presence of pelvic pain that has confined me to my home for the past week and is being managed with narcotics should be cared for by a specialist. Thank God I have a GYN appointment on Thursday and am going to request an ultrasound where I think they will find a large "endometrioma" or "Chocolate cyst" and also talk seriously about doing Lupron again and requesting Calcium supplementation with that (if that can be prescribed) as well as multiple Dexa Scans through treatment (before, during, after). I know I am dealing with an ovarian cyst because of the way it is pressing on my back structures and my bowel and feel like I know my body better than any doctor does -- especially in this area. If the cyst could be drained in some way, I would be open to that depending on it's size. But the Lupron would stop estrogen production totally and the edometrioma(s) and endometrial lesions just die. My wish is that it could carry me to menopause.

I feel I am close enough to menopause to try to avoid surgery. If I had a crystal ball though and thought that magic time was coming at 50 (late for my family tree), I think I would say ... find me a scalpel.

Send prayers. Thanks!
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