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Sense of smell

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:56am
For some professions, a keen sense of smell is good thing. It can help people determine if a product is going to be pleasing to the consumer. It can also help to detect dangers in other professions.

The sense of smell can also be a bad thing. You see, Pharmacy God's sense of smell is highly attuned and is the cause of many migraine/cluster headaches (self-diagnosed).

Various scents will give me an instant headache. The kind that feels like a railroad spike is being driven into my skull. The location varies depending on the offending odor.

This affliction has its perks, however. When I go shopping with Mrs. Pharmacy God I don't have to go in to a Bath and Body Works or any store that has potpourri. I'll just wander over to an electronics store until she is done.

But back to the work aspect.

Yesterday my tech called me down to the pick-up window for an OTC consult. It was a younger male who wanted some advice for poison ivy.

When I was six feet from the window, I got a whiff of his breath. Think about meth -mouth and the lovely odors that it presents. I wish this dude's breath was that pleasant.

Anyhow, it ends up being about a seven-minute consult... with my nose reminding me how noxious his breath was every 3.5 seconds. I can't remember what I said to him. It was all I could do to not gag while speaking to him.

And his breath lingered at the pharmacy for several minutes after he left.

Then later in the day, I ran up to the service center to get some stamps for the pharmacy. On the way back I passed an older woman. Her perfume, if you could call it that, smelled like Trix.... the kids breakfast cereal.

I hate my nose.
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