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Second year on!

Posted Aug 19 2010 12:00am
So, its arrived!  My second year post transplant.  I really am so fortunate and indeed grateful for all the support, care and love that I have had from everyone. Some are people I have known for many years, some for a short time, some strangers...

I received a beautiful card from my cousin M and her husband B and I have popped it next to me on the bedside table.  Thank you so so much cuz!!

An extract here from my diary pre transplant that depicts how I felt:

"I desperately want to get better now.  To jump out of bed, to dance with the shower hose...the tube on my face makes me hot and I am constantly reminded of what is likely to happen.  My eyes are so sore now but I feel I must write on, incase I don't wake by morning.  I would like one day to look back on this journey and not to be experiencing this anymore.  I am tired.  I am so so tired."  
5th February 2008

I have come such a long way (though with bumps and u-turns) and I think this photo shows that:

I have recently suffered a loss in my close family and so its a really sad time at the moment.  I will not be celebrating my anniversary but instead I will spend the day doing all the things that I enjoy.  I will be doing this in the memory of a dearly loved one and also in memory of my altruistic donor and their family. Today is likely to be a sad day for them and I really do hope that time has helped to heal things a little.  I am under no delusion about how much pain they must have.  I hope they have special treasured memories of their loved one and feel comforted at times that their special loved one saved my life and at least two others.  That is one amazing person.

Sadly I have also received news that a friend waiting for transplant hs sadly passed away.  We messaged each other on facebook as he had questions about the assessment and transplant process.  I tried my best to gve him a window into what it is like and things to consider.  We shared a similar situation where we were both rejected from transplant centres in the South of England and so we were referred to Freemans.  Often, we would 'check in' on each other and there was no doubt in my mind that he would make it through and get his call.  I was looking forward to seeing him in clinic one day or maybe I would visit him on the ward.  It must be such a dveastating time for his family and my thoughts are with them.  What saddens me so much is that his death may have been prevented if there were more people registered on the organ donation register.

I would not be here today, to enjoy my 30th birthday, to tell my nana that I felt much better, to able to be with my family and friends, to prepare a meal and to enjoy hobbies if it was not for my gift of life from my donor.

Thank you so so much :-)
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