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Scleroderma Cure Book Review- Real Cure To Scleroderma And Its Symptoms?

Posted Mar 08 2011 7:01am
Has your doctor recently determined that you have Scleroderma? This can really be a depressing time in your life considering that they say that there is no cure for this disease. Dealing with the symptoms alone can really make you hate getting up in the morning. The constant itching and fatigue really made me a grumpy person and for quite some time I stayed inside and did not interact with anyone other than my children.

This probably sounds like you and most of us learn to accept this problem and just live with it. WIth me having constant stiff joints and the itching made it very difficult to work and having a social life was really out of the question. I frequently visited herbal stores and took advice from the employees but nothing really helped with the itching and the pain was always there no matter what.

I tried to research every avenue I could to see if there was a breakthrough that I did not know about. My town is not the biggest and I figured the best resource of information would be the internet. I read about a book called Scleroderma Cure that had a few positive testimonies and claimed that it has the info to cure Scleroderma guaranteed.

To me it seemed like a complete scam since my medically trained doctore promised that there was nothing that could be done to cure my problems. I was still very curious over the book. Real people were saying how it helped them and I could not find anything negative about the book at all. I picked up a copy and read through it. It started to make sense and I tried everything the book had explained.

After some time my symptoms began to fade away and it did not bother me to move around. The itching was practically gone and the redness finally went away. I am really glad that my curiousity got the best of me and I decided to read the Scleroderma Cure. It has helped me slowly recover and I feel better each and every day.

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