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Scientists Reveal Structure of Dangerous Bacteria’s Powerful Multidrug Resistance Pump

Posted Oct 10 2010 1:37pm

A team at The Scripps Research Institute has detailed the structure of a member of the only remaining class of multidrug resistance transporters left to be described. The work has implications for combating dangerous antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, as well as for developing hardy strains of agricultural crops.

The study was published in an advance, online issue of the journal Nature on September 22, 2010.

“Now with our crystal structure, scientists can for the first time figure out exactly how this transporter works,” said the study’s senior investigator, Geoffrey Chang, Ph.D., associate professor in the Scripps Research Department of Molecular Biology. “This could lead to the design of drugs that evade or inhibit the transporter, or to reengineering the transporter to help some plants grow in soil they can’t grow in now.”

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