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Sciatica Relief Is Available

Posted Jan 12 2013 10:03pm

Sciatica is a condition that many suffer from at one point in time or another. This common condition involves the large nerve which extends from the lower back down the back of your leg. There are many symptoms associated with sciatica and many causes also. When you find that you have one or more of these symptoms, it is best to contact a doctor who specializes in Burlington sciatica treatment as help is available. You can learn to overcome this condition and live a full life again without fear of the pain returning.

Waitsfield sciatica symptoms include a pain in the buttocks or leg that increases when you sit down. Some experience a numbness or weakness in the leg or find that is it difficult to move the foot or leg. Burning and tingling have been reported along with a continuous pain on one side of the buttocks. Some report that they have a shooting pain that makes it difficult for them to stand up. You may experience one or more of these symptoms when dealing with Burlington sciatica pain .

In many cases, only one side of the body is affected and the pain may extend from your lower back all the way down to the leg. Some find that the pain may travel to the foot or toes also. This pain can be debilitating due to its severity or it may come and go, but be nothing more than an irritant. If you notice a loss of bowel or bladder control or you have progressive lower weakness in an extremity, medical attention needs to be sought immediately as this may be a sign of a more serious condition.

Burlington sciatica may be caused by a number of things. It is the often the result of irritation of one or more roots of the lumbosacral spine and lower lumbar. If the spinal canal in the lower back narrows, a condition known as lumbar spinal stenosis, sciatica may develop and spondylolisthesis is another cause. This is a condition where one vertebra slips forward over another vertebra. Pregnancy may lead to sciatica and the same is true of obesity. A lack of exercise, degenerative disc disease and wearing high heels may contribute to the problem. Seek Burlington sciatica help immediately when symptoms appear as treatment is available.

For moreinformation on chiropractic contact Advanced Spine Disc Joint Center inColchester and Waitsfield, VT. Dr. Sean P. Mahoney, D.C. has been practicingfor over 25 years and specializes in treating patients who suffer from chronicpain, cervical and lumbar disc bulges and herniations, disc degeneration andovertraining/sports injuries. Call us at (802)655-2664 for appointments or visit ourwebsite at for more information.

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