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Scarred vocal cords

Posted Oct 30 2009 11:01pm
Scarred Vocal Cords

Scarred Vocal Cords

Hi Dr.Ben,

I have a question for you. A while back I had been at a concert and I had screamed really loudly and I felt something that tasted like blood.
I ended up going to a doctor and I found out I hemorrhaged and scarred my vocal cords. I honestly think it has effected my vocal cords so much I sometimes get “sirred” on the phone. The tests they did on my voice showed it was like 90-something hertz which is really low. If you have any ideas on ways to gain back or improve my voice to get it back into a female range please tell me.


Hi Annabelle -

Reducing scarring may be the best way to attempt to get your proper voice back.

I suggest you view the Scar Tissue category. It has quite a few useful pointers and suggested products.

In addition to the products found in the Scar Tissue category, I recommend that you consider Vocal Rescue. Vocal Rescue is commonly used by singers or those who use their voice often.

A couple other things for you to do which may help:
- Get a couple washcloths.
- Soak 2 in hot water with Epsom Salts
- Soak 2 in cold water.
- Apply Castor Oil liberally to your neck along with Epsom Salt and Castor Oil to your neck covering the area where your vocal cords are located. See a photo locating vocal cords

- After applying Castor Oil liberally to your neck, cover with the hot washcloth for 2 minutes (as hot as possible but don’t burn yourself! ;)
As the washcloth cools, remove and apply the other hot washcloth.
- After 1 minute of the Hot washcloth, apply the cold washcloth for 30 seconds.
- Do this 3 times every day.

Why bother with the hot and cold contrast to the neck?
- Hot and cold therapy significantly increases blood flow to the area. Hot therapy increases blood flow which brings in nutrients. Cold therapy increases outgoing blood flow which carries away toxins and excess metabolites.

Other tips:
- avoid attempting to ‘push’ out words. Talk softly and do not over work your vocal cords.

The Vocal Rescue may help significantly. Spray a few times a day.

Consider the Boswellic Acid, Vitamin C and the other tips which are posted in the Scar Tissue category.

Should you have further questions, please do ask.

Do let me know how the suggested products and home therapy work for you. I expect that you should start noticing improvement within a few weeks.

In health,
Dr Ben

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