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Safe and Effective Cockroach Control - Know Your Enemy!

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm
Safe and Effective Cockroach Control - Know Your Enemy!

One pair of German cockroaches can theoretically produce enough offspring in one year to fill the floors of the average home to a depth of 1 meter per year! The cockroach is considered the most hated and disgusting pest known to man. Cockroaches can survive radiation levels equivalent to a thermonuclear explosion and can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. Cockroaches can not survive in very dusty and/or windy areas. One simple German female can produce over 400,000 per year! Cockroaches are capable of traveling many miles in a day, and wherever they can travel, the females lay several cases of eggs - that may survive for years before hatching. Cockroaches can live over a month without food and over a week without water. They can live up to 7 days without a head. The only reason the roach dies then, is that without a mouth it can not drink water and it dies of thirst. They know one another by their odor. Young roaches need only the width of a business card to quickly crawl through spaces. An adult male needs a crack about the thickness of a quarter. A pregnant female needs a crack with a space as tall as two stacked nickels. Over 250 million dollars is spent every year in the U. S. on consumer-use cockroach control (POISON) products. An estimated 15 million Americans are allergic to cockroach allergens. No one knows how many people and pets are harmed by the synthetic pesticide POISONS used to "control" them! To kill cockroaches and then not remove them; means you will irritate the allergies in at least the 15 million Americans for many months as they decompose, so you should only trap them or vacuum them in your homes, schools, offices, etc.

Cockroaches have very effective antennae that can pick up chemical signals in the air, they have good memories and most have already developed immunity to many synthetic pesticide POISONS.- these facts make cockroach control impossible if you only continue to use/misuse synthetic pesticide POISONS! But, cockroach control is easy, safe, economical and far more effective if you use two simple, alternaitve controls.

1. ) One hour after dark, enter the room/home/building with a red/yellow light and a vacuum. Vacuum up all visible roaches before turning on the regular lights. If you are using a dry vac, add 1 teaspoon of corn starch or talcum powder to the bag to kill the roaches. If you are using a rinse-and-vac, have some soapy or diluted Safe Solutions, Inc. enzyme water in the container to kill the roaches. Repeat once a week for several weeks or until all activity ceases. Peak roach activity occurs 2 hours before and 2 hours after midnight. Remove (or seal in plastic) all recycling materials daily. This technique not only removes the roaches, it also prevents them from decomposing into the ambient air. Caulk all cracks, especially where you saw activity!

2. ) Make some roach traps out of duct tape (sticky-side up) or by using a mason jar or by cutting the top off of a 2-liter soda pop bottle, cut in a straight line where the bottle begins to curve, cover the exterior with a sock or nylon, put a little Vaseline® (or a mix of 3 parts petroleum jelly and 1 part mineral oil) around the inside edge of the bottle and invert the top and put it back inside the bottle (like a funnel), then duct tape the edges to keep the top from falling inside and the roaches from escaping. Put some masking tape on the outside from the bottom to the top, so the roaches can climb up and into your trap. Put 2” - 3" of beer or wine or a piece of white bread soaked in beer or a banana dipped in beer, some sweet cinnamon roll, bacon grease, bran, a small boiled potato or a commercial pheromone attractant (or some roach droppings) in the bottom and place under sinks, in corners, and wherever you see roaches.

Now, you can stop poisoing yourselves and your family and pets - if you have any questions or need other alterntive controls - please see my free Roach Chapter 27 at: .
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