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Running In Place

Posted Nov 13 2012 10:03pm

I think I figured out a little running trick today.  In the last post, I ‘ve talked about how I’ve dropped walk breaks.  What I did today was mix in a couple very brief sessions of running place during the run.

This seemed to be much more beneficial than walk breaks.  When you stop running to walk, all you can really do is catch your breath.  But when you instead briefly run in place, this seems to also reset your form in addition to giving you a chance to catch your breath.

When you get tired during running, I think your limbs start to get farther away from you body, so to speak.  You overstride as your feet reach farther forward, and you arms have a tendency to swing ahead of you as well.

By running in place for a few seconds, this seems to recompartmentalize everything – in effect, making your running “smaller”.  Or at least this is what it did for me.

Running in place, even for just 5 or 10 seconds here and there, seemed to give me better form throughout the run.

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