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Root Canals

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:31pm

I write some about root canals in my book, Wellness Piece by Piece. Based on the ground breaking research reported by Dr. George Meinig in Root Canal Cover Up which I read years ago, I have always advised people who have been chronically ill and also have root canals, to read the book and to consider having their root canals removed.

After a recent email exchange with one of the Board Members of the Jigsaw Health Foundation, Dr. David Kennedy, DDS, I came to an even great appreciation for the dangers of root canals. He says it best so I will just paste it here:

My riddle for the week is what’s the difference between dead teeth and dead toes?

Whether or not someone tries to embalm the tooth and keep it in their jawbone or extracts it and disposes of it in the trash is up to them. I wouldn’t keep a dead tooth in my mouth but many do with no apparent harm. Just like many people walk around with several grams of mercury in their teeth with no obvious harm. Still the jury is out on this but the research is piling up indicating that keeping dead teeth is just about as crazy as keeping dead toes.

Think about it. You smashed your toe somehow and the darn thing died, smelled bad, turned black. You went to your friendly podiatrist who agreed that your foot would not look pretty in sandals and you needed to “save” the toe. So they got out their drill and screwed a titanium screw into the good bone of your foot (under anesthesia of course) and now they had a stub they could attach the missing toe to. Next they took the black toe and dipped it in a flesh colored latex rubber. Presto it is now the right color again but missing the toenail. So they order a new porcelain toenail made and even offer you a choice of colors and if you’d like permanent nail polish glazed onto the new nail. Once this is attached to the new latex toe it looks perfect but it is still dead. You squirt it twice a day with Clorox to keep the smell down but it is a long way from your nose anyway so who cares?

That’s my best George Carlin imitation of what a root canal really is. The shock only comes when you get the bill.

This is so right! Many people are walking around with a dead, still infected tooth in their mouths. Why? So that it looks nice! When something is DEAD, you bury it.

If you are sick, and you have root canals you owe it to yourself to read Meinig's book!

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