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Romaine Lettuce, Life's Little Black Dress

Posted Jul 07 2009 5:26pm

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post from Emily Boller of and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of DiseaseProof or Dr. Fuhrman.

A year ago I was a desperate woman. I was living precariously in the deep abyss of food addiction and obesity; teetering on the edge of diabetes, heart disease, and organic depression, and realizing there was no way out, except to learn to swallow greens.

Desperate people take desperate measures. In July, I made a commitment to get healthy. Unfortunately, soon afterwards, life happened. One of my children became seriously ill, and I suddenly needed to eat something uncomplicated, yet full of nutrients. Romaine lettuce became my best friend.

Each day I rinsed a head of romaine leaves with water, wrapped it in a kitchen towel, and threw the bundle into a cooler.

I discovered that I could eat romaine leaves while driving. I could also fill a sack with them, pack a can of beans, a can opener, some carrots, an apple, and have an instant meal in a hospital cafeteria. I could go anywhere, spur of the moment, and thanks to romaine lettuce, have the mainstay of a nutritious meal always ready and available. Anytime, anywhere, just like a little black dress. Versatile, uncomplicated, yet full of pizzazz!

Three months later, as the crisis passed, and life returned to normal, I gradually discovered wonderful recipes: green smoothies, vegetable and bean soups, sorbets and ice-creams, and various salads; including the romaine, finely shredded, and drizzled with raspberry sauce.

The benefit of unintentionally starting Eat to Live with an abundance of romaine lettuce was that it changed my taste buds to enjoy the subtle flavors of greens forever, even curly kale! The little black dress of greens gave me my health back, and for that, it will always be my favorite.

Image credit: shoshacapps

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