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Role Of X Ray In Arthritis Treatment

Posted Mar 17 2010 9:19pm

Arthritis is characterized by the inflammation and pain caused in joints as well as the stiffness that occurs in metacarpus and phalanges. Arthritis is an extremely progressive yet controllable condition that affects both men and women of all the ages, culture and race. It is said that the osteoarthritis is the 4th leading cause of disability. Managing arthritis successfully needs proper treatment, occupational therapist or an orthopedic surgeon. This article will give you a brief idea of the role of x-ray in arthritis treatment.

Different diagnostic tests have to be performed to see the variation of this progressive disease. The simplest of all the tests is to get an x-ray done. Your therapist will diagnose arthritis just by use of x-rays or CT scans. He will advise you have an x-ray of the bones or MRI scan for assessing the arthritis. The MRI test have to be used only if the x-rays are incapable or if the physician requires some more details about the condition of the patient. The importance of role of x-ray in arthritis treatment can be expressed as follows;

In case of ankylosing spondylitis, an x-ray of the spine is usually advised by the therapists. As the physical examinations may display only exploratory signs like reduced breathing capacity, limited mobility of the spine, and eye inflammation, but x-rays are needed to get an insight into the problematic areas of your internal body in detail. The spine x-ray will show the fusion of the vertebrae that has occurred already. Once the cause of the disease is diagnosed accurately, then the treatment for it can be started promptly. Role of x-ray in arthritis treatment is quite significant.

Depending upon the results of the x-rays, your physician can plan an array of treatment for treating the particular disorder. This treatment may consist of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, an increased pattern of regular exercises and physical therapies. In this, patients whose joints of the knee, ankle or hips are inflamed, these steroids may prove to be useful. If all such treatments do not work, then patients have to be given some other drugs like the Methotrexate and the Sulfasalazine.

Whenever you feel that you are experiencing the attack of arthritis, you should immediately visit the doctor. He may ask you for several tests and one of them will definitely be the x-ray test. The x-ray of the joints is very important to assess properly how far the arthritis has progressed in the particular area. Depending on the results of the x-ray, the doctor decides how to go about the treatment of arthritis.

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