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Rocket Scientist on the Physics of Putting Love in Chocolate & A Give-Away!

Posted Feb 09 2011 12:21am
Article first published as Rocket Scientist Steve Adler on the Physics of Putting Love in Chocolate on Technorati.

Steve Adler and Alix Valentine's Day approaches and, of course, you need to get some sweets for your Sweet. Chocolate comes to mind, but you've been there, done that. You need something really special this year. Maybe the piece de resistance is some chocolate made with Love-- ahem-- "God particles," known to physicists as Higgs-Boson particles.

Think it's a joke or a marketing gimmick?

The Willie Wonka of raw chocolate isn't joking, and he explained it all to me in an interview for Natural News TV . Steve Adler is a rocket scientist with degrees from Stanford University. Before founding his chocolate company, Sacred Chocolate , he designed the Space Station propulsion modules while working at McDonnell-Douglas. Today he's an ordained minister.

His epiphany came when he was early on his spiritual path, and learned that "you don't need to know in order to love. It hit me like a ton of bricks," he said,  "because I was trying to know more in order to love better." He realized he had it backwards.

Sacred Chocolate makes raw chocolate, the type that is not heated above 114 degrees, to preserve all the nutrients and antioxidants in the raw cacao bean. Exceptionally smooth in taste, the chocolate is slowly ground with the skins, a little-known part of a cacao bean that is normally removed before making chocolate candy. Sacred Chocolate is packaged in heart-shaped bars with edges following Fibonacci series curves that only a geek could design.

From the product to the packaging, every aspect of this chocolate is out of the ordinary: Adler prays over every batch.

I first met Adler at a natural health event in San Francisco a few weeks ago. There, he was wearing his signature rainbow Willie Wonka plastic costume, complete with a male version of Go-Go boots and matching top hat. When he found out I was a reporter for Natural News TV, he instantly came up with an interview topic: the physics of putting love in chocolate. I wouldn't let just anyone on camera to talk about this topic, but a Stanford rocket scientist was an instant "yes" in my book.

Adler says there are only three factors to understanding how love can get into chocolate: primal magnetism (love), the unified field matrix, and the God factor - the Higgs Boson particles that physicists think are ubiquitous in everything from electrons to subatomic particles.

As a layperson I can't verify the science, but tasting the chocolate is the real test. There was a buzz about Sacred Chocolate at the health event-- it was quite common for people to say they felt different after eating it. In a very good way - happier, more open, more loving.

I'm waiting for the Cupid's diaper costume to emerge. It might be more fitting than the Wonka outfit.

Give Away!

Sacred Chocolate has kindly donated chocolate hearts for a Med Nauseam give-away: the 69% cacao Twilight, the Mylk, and the new White Passion! Three winners will each receive two hearts by USPS Priority Mail. Enter by midnight February 10th in one of two ways
  1. Subscribe to Med Nauseam's Feed Burner email feed in the upper right corner of the page; OR
  2. Leave a comment with your email address in it
Three winners will be notified on Friday, February 11th.

Alix interviewed Steve Adler for Natural News TV .

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