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right foot swollen

Posted by David W. Facebook

My right foot has been swollen on the top for a month. I had x-rays which were negative, The pain was intense but has decreased. Now I am seeing little red dots in the swollen area.
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Ah, more details but still no question.  I assume you're wondering about the little red dots.  Perhaps you have an infection?  Did you drop anything on your foot?  Kick anything?  It's possible to have a (stress) fracture that's not picked up initially on xray.  Sometimes, a repeat xray will show healing, indicating the previous fracture where none could be seen previously.  It doesn't sound like you're describing a rash but rather a series of broken blood vessels (or petechiae).  In one localized area, I might not worry as much as if you had this all over your body associated w/frequent blood nose, bleeding gums, etc.  I'd still recommend going back to see your family physician for further evaluation of the new red dots along with your swollen foot.
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