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Review of Dawkin's Review of Behe's "Edge of Evolution"

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:42pm

Here is Dr. Dawkin's review of Dr. Behe's new book " The Edge of Evolution". A quote from his review.

Poster boy of creationists everywhere, he has cut himself adrift from the world of real science.

Exactly my point in my post here in number 2 and 3... Always say ID scientists are creationists and always say they are not real scientists. In other words, demean them which is my point number 1.

Here is a review of Dawkin's review written by Logan Gage. A quote from this review.

Dawkins is a master of rhetoric. Only he could take a clear example of intelligently designed evolution (dog breeding) and offer it as a convincing “proof” of Darwinian evolution.

Here is another review of his review appearing on the blog "Uncommon Descent" A snippet from this review,

But where Dawkins lacks in substance, he more than makes up for it in form. Dawkins cunningly avoided dealing squarely with the facts, and rather chose to resort to veiled ad hominems and arguments from authority. For Dawkins, this only makes sense because, as one of Dawkins loyal cohorts in Canada, Larry Moran, aptly said, “it’s going to be a challenge to refute Behe’s main claims”.

Finally here are Behe's own comments regarding a few other reviews of his new book. A quote from it.

Yet he is unwilling or unable to engage my arguments. He spends the first third of his review, and parts thereafter, writing of young earth creationism, while stating somewhere in the middle that, oh yes, Behe is not a young earth creationist. He says that all those arguments of Darwin’s Black Box have certainly been refuted, without bothering with wearying details. And he regrets that there is more of the same pesky trivia in The Edge of Evolution: “we are still where we were with Darwin's Black Box. The micro world is too complex to be a product of nature.” In fact, he never tells readers of the review what the book’s argument is. No sickle cell, no malaria, no nothing. Unfortunately, the review boils down to mere Darwinian posturing.

Have a safe 4th of July!

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