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Retired the Inversion Table....!!!

Posted Jan 14 2009 5:08pm

Today, I moved the inversion table out of my office (1/11/09). It's a big move for me. This tool was one of the things I used to help reduce the pressure on my spine and it also was very effective at reducing my leg and back pain even if it was temporary. Having some degree of control, or maybe the illusion of control, over my pain levels was really helpful to my mental and emotional state.  I was still using it some in the early fall of 2008 but haven't needed to for a couple of months so I decided to cut the strings and move it out.

It's interesting how moving that item out of my office has changed the feel in the room. I don't understand Feng Shui really other than how a room feels when you're in one that has followed the guidelines or the Bagua Map. My inversion table was tucked into the corner of the room for Wealth and Prosperity. No wonder the room felt a little off. I've since rearranged the room and now my chair and computer reside in that corner which feels better and I guess coincides with the map better.

Next month, it will have been one year from my injury.

It's been quite a year.

Be well.

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