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Posted Aug 27 2009 11:34pm
Somehow the transport guy took us the wrong way when he got us from our hospital room. We had to go through the halls of the operating rooms. We had to cover up with blankets and sheets, and hair nets. (Okay, so we put the hair nets back on in the pre-op area for the photo LOL) We could not contaminate the halls. Who knows why he took us this way? It surely made for a cute photo and some lovely comments from passerbyers. :)

The night leading up to the MRI, my Peanut managed to sleep better than she does normally at home. She wasn't on any new meds or anything, I think she was just worn out from the traumatic IV start. And yes, the blanket she is covered with is the work of Lacey, from Jaxson's Blankies. :)

In true Peanut style, her MRI results are NORMAL. NoRmAl!! No tethered cord, no syrinx, no chiari malformation! This is great news because it means she doesn't need any sort of spine or brain surgery. YAY! Of course, it's not great news because it means that the problems that are worsening are a sign of her underlying neuromuscular disorder, which is undiagnosed. Her neurogenic bladder worsening, the hydronephrosis, the ankle clonus getting significantly worse, the tightening of her ankle muscles. All now have no explanation. :( But, no brain or spinal surgery!

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