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Reply to a Shoemaker Patient

Posted May 23 2012 8:49pm
Well, I know I haven't posted in like, FOREVER. Fortunately for me I have felt really healthy for a long time and have moved on to other passions. Like doing my 3rd CRM startup. ACT! and SalesLogix were great but I think Contatta is going to be the best and biggest thing I have ever done. And for those of you interested, my supplement company Jigsaw Health is rocking!! I was amazed when I just checked back into the blog here. I still get several hundred readers per day with over 350,000 readers since I started years ago. Pretty amazing to me. I hope you all continue to find pieces to your health puzzle here. I thought I would post an email from and my reply to someone who wrote to me. Perhaps some of you would find it useful. Here it is: Dear Pat, I apologize in advance that this is so long, I tried to summarize but it is so hard to make this brief. I have been wanting to write you for a while now for advice, since you and I have so much in common, with the exception that you have solved your health problems. I am suffering poor health related to one, more or all of the following factors: mold exposure, candida, and amalgam fillings. I am also a frustrated Shoemaker patient and have the dreaded multisusceptible genetic type. I have never felt comfortable about ruling out lyme as a possible factor either as I live in an area where tick bytes are common. The next four paragraphs are background information and then I want to ask you for some specific advice. I have been suffering with increasing symptoms since Feb 2010, when we had water damage in our home I have all-over joint and...
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