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Removing Stretch Marks On Thighs

Posted May 06 2010 11:41am

Stretch marks are formed due to sudden expansion of the skin due to excessive weight gain. As the human skin is elastic and can be expanded up to a certain limit. It is universally known that there is a limit up to which one can stretch things and after that is tends break. In a similar fashion, the skin also after a certain point starts to tear. The skin appears to be streaked once the primary layers tear. When the capillaries burst, the skin tears, pink or purple lines start to appear. The lines begin to look white in color. The scars are called as stretch marks. Dermis is mostly the places where the stretch marks occur. Dermis is elastic and therefore has the ability to retain its original shape. Thighs are most common place where both men and women have stretch marks. Stretch marks are permanent and thus obviously difficult or rather cannot be removed.

Removing stretch marks:

It is totally misleading for all those companies who claim that by using a certain cream, they can prevent or remove stretch marks. In today’s market there are many kinds of lotions available for treating stretch marks. These lotions normally contain alpha hydroxyl acid. Alpha hydroxyl removes the skin cells on top. As the old skin die away, it gives a chance for the new healthy skin to grow once again. These lotions work only if used regularly. As the science is advancing new methods of surgery is coming up. Today chemical peeling or laser therapy is the most effective method of getting rid of stretch marks. This treatment cannot be used on people with a dark complexion. As of now it is the only method of getting rid of stretch marks completely.

Nutrition and diet:

It is very necessary for a person trying to get rid of stretch marks to remain on a strict diet. One should concentrate on eating food rich with zinc. Also food containing a high amount of vitamins is extremely necessary like nuts, fish and lots of fruit. It is extremely necessary to maintain a balanced diet. Diary products also help very much in improving the skin quality and prevent stretch marks. Drinking large quantities of water also very essential.

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